Organum Dominicum

Organum Dominicum

Organum Dominicum The Dutch German Legacy
Romantic organ music from Germany and the Netherlands
on the Sauer-organ (1905) in the Berlin Cathedral
Produced by NorthWest Classics

The romantic organs from the 19th century used to be looked upon with disdain during the rerival period of the baroque organ, but today the passage of time as tempered our views and allowing us to reevaluate these extraordinary instruments from the distance of the 21st century.

The Sauer organ in the Berlin Cathedral narrowly survived the WWII bombardment that tore away large parts of the building around it. The majority of the instrument is still in original condition, which gives us the unique chance to hear sounds from a past century.

Leo van Doeselaar is en exceptional musician in his complete mastery of both the fortepiano, through the pianoforte and modern piano, as well as the entire gamut of historic and romantic organs and corresponding musical literature. He has made countless award winning CD’s and concertizes on venues all across the world. He is professor of organ at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, as well as organist of the Berlin Cathedral.


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